Acing a Semester without Compromising on Leisure

One of the greatest concerns of students as their journey at college begins is the GPA they score each semester. Despite the fact that college provides you with other countless experiences, GPA still remains one of the most important factors because you will eventually get admission in a good graduate school based on your CGPA upon graduation. Also, some multinational corporations set a cut-off GPA for students below which students are not eligible to apply for the job. So does this mean that you have to study the entire semester without having fun?


Students currently pursuing their postgraduate or PhD programs claim that college life can be made fun without compromising on academics. There are certain strategies that make academics easier for students and less time consuming so the students are able to spend extra time on leisure. I used to get a lot of essay help UK and presentations that was a major time saving strategy for me. Following are some other tips to help you ace a semester without compromising on leisure:

  • Follow a wisely drafted schedule: If you have firm hold and control of time during college, you can do whatever you want and plan without having to compromise on anything. The only reason why students are either able to excel in academics or extracurricular activities is lack of time or simply mismanagement of time. If you spend more than required time on academics due to distractions or procrastination, you are giving up the time you could have spent on leisure. For this reason, draft a schedule wisely considering all the necessary factors.

    Be realistic in whatever you plan because unrealistic schedule might seem wonderful but would eventually be inefficient. Analyze carefully how much time would you need for an assignment and then allocate time accordingly.

  • Seek help from people around you: Colleagues, teaching assistants and academic writing firms are always willing to help with assignment, exam preparation and presentations if you approach them. Taking help in the form of simple tips and guidance or outsourcing work is definitely an amazing strategy to save time. While some may suggest you amazing shortcuts to do a task, you can get part of the work done by others either for free or by compensating a bit.

    A lot of people I knew used to outsource a lot of work when the workload was unmanageable. This way, they could enjoy all their plans while maintaining decent grades throughout the semester.

  • Study every day for a few minutes: A great strategy that many high-achieving students adopt is that they study every day for a few minutes. They tend to revise whatever was taught in class during lectures or practice questions if it was a math or accounting class for instance. This way, they get the concepts planted in mind and do not forget it when the exams arrive. This is actually very less time consuming given the fact that students do not have to spend extra time understanding the concepts again from different people. Hence, leisure time is also enjoyed by students who adopt this strategy.

So if you follow these tips, you will observe that you can ace a semester without having to sacrifice your other activities and plans.

Author bio: Leonardo Goswell is an artist with excellent skills in live sketching and 3D art. After obtaining his degree in arts from California, Leonardo took part in several exhibitions globally.


Essay Writing Tips for University Students

University life is one of the most awaited stages of life. Of course joining university is a great thing and you have millions of expectations in your mind but along with that you must also keep in mind that you are now just few steps away from responsibility and from the professional life. Professional life is the real life where you face multiple challenges so in university you learn to deal with them and tackle them all diplomatically and smartly.

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In university you will have to write a lot of article especially if your major subject is in literature or writing related subject. This is the time when you get assignment form essay help UK. This article will be highlighting the tips that will help you in your university in writing some great essays:

  • Give importance to research: research must get most of the importance. Ignoring the research part can cause you problem and can make your essay writing difficult and even more time consuming. It is always better to invest time ob research and then start writing an essay instead of wasting time writing an essay that is totally absurd and not at all informative. Research will also help you in analyzing about what actually readers look for in an essay.
  • Try to come up with something new and interesting: mainstream stuff is totally out of trend may it be pictures, selfies, dressing or writing you have to be creative and your work must have a spark that people have never seen before so that they enjoy reading the essay. I always try experiments whenever I used to do my essay and most of the time it turns out to be really good but of course research is essential for this too.
  • Always follow the standard essay writing format: there is a standard essay writing format that is used by majority of the writers worldwide. They follow that format strictly that’s why their quality is always there. Adapting the standard format in to your writing style might take some time but eventually you will learn.
  • Stick to just one format of language: most of the writers make this mistake of using British English as well as American English at the same time, never do this. Either stick to the British English writing style or American English writing style so that your readers can be on track throughout.
  • Make sure the tonality goes with the topic: tone of the essay plays a vital role. You have to be careful while writing an essay that it tone matches with the topic and with the target audience. Tone can be formal, informal, aggressive, happy and so on depends on the topic and genre. Maintaining the tone accordingly is very important for writing a quality article.

Following these few simple tips can really help the university students in writing a quality essays. Being a good writer takes time but once you are on the track things go well.

Author Bio: Bruce Alexander is a German writer who has two masters degree in English literature and has also done several writing courses.

Deciding the Field for Your PhD

At every step of life, you have to take a crucial decision that decides how your future life would be. As a responsible individual, you are required to take all major and minor decisions by yourself without being influenced by anyone else. Suggestions and advice from experts should always be considered before taking any decision because they might realize something you did not. Out of all the crucial decisions you take in life, choosing a PhD program for yourself is one that should be taken with great care.

There are hundreds of fields in which you can obtain a PhD but this program is not like undergraduate in which you can go for anything and change your field of study later on. By the time you complete your postgraduate studies, you should be sure of which field you are interested in for PhD. A senior told me that a wrong decision in this case would call essay help for write towards the end of the program. So following are some tips to help you decide the field for your PhD:


  • Recalling all courses you studied in graduate school: There are numerous courses that you study in graduate school but not all can be pursued in a PhD. PhD requires some next level research to be done on a particular subject in a field which needs passion and dedication. Generally, you may like a lot of courses you studied but are not necessarily passionate for knowing more about all of them. There is one or a couple of courses you think you would be willing to conduct researches on. So recall all your best courses regardless of what grade you scored in them.

    A lot of students believe that the course in which they scored an A is better to pursue a PhD in than the one in which they scored a C. This is a wrong strategy because grades are irrelevant to your passions. It might be the case that you loved the course and were unable to apply the concepts when it was the time i.e. exam. Go for your passion and not for the grade.

  • Expert advice on each field you might be interested in: Never let anyone else influence your decision of a field in PhD but open yourself to expert advice. Talk to people who holds a PhD in the field you are interested in to have an idea of what you should expect from the field of study. Asking questions like whether it is difficult or not is a waste of time. All PhD programs require hard work and dedication for a successful completion because you are about to receive a prestigious degree. Limit your questions to the field of study so that you can understand what you will learn at the end of the program.
  • Research options in that field of study: At the end of a PhD program, you will have to submit a dissertation prepared on one narrow topic that you choose from your field of study. Make sure to analyze the research options you would have after learning things from the program. I never thought can someone do my dissertation for me because I already decided which topic I would choose.

Author bio: Malcolm Jason is a career counselor at three different colleges. After obtaining his PhD in sociology, Malcolm joined the education sector and is serving as a counselor for 15 years now.

Tips To Find Reliable Essay Writing Services

A student who can undertake the entire dissertation work from planning to research and writing to submission all by himself deserves appreciation. Considering the fact that PhD students have a lot of work to do relate to academics and job, the dissertation activities pose a severe burden on them. Hence, the consumption of dissertation writing and editing services has increased dramatically over the years as more and more people are enrolling in PhD programs.

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I never asked for essay writing for me completely but through personal experience it seems nearly impossible to complete a good quality dissertation without any help. A survey revealed that majority of PhD students consume some sort of help for their dissertation because they are too busy with other work in life. However, the problem arises that not all service providers are reliable enough. Following are some tips that can help you hire a reliable dissertation writing and editing service provider:

  • Range of services is not a good way to judge: Many students believe that if a provider is offering too many services, he must have a professional working team while some believe that since a provider specializes in one or two specific tasks, they will be proficient in it. This is not a sufficient reason to comment on the reliability of a service provider because you have to consider the number of members in the team as well. A provider of many services with small team may not be very efficient!
  • Cheaper is not always poorer in quality: A common misconception is that if a service provider is charging more, the quality of work will be better than the cheaper one. This link between the cost and quality of work is vague and should not be used as a tool to decide whether to consume one service provider or not. Several dissertation editing and writing service providers may offer low rates in order to attract consumers and build client base. Also, others may charge premium price to depict themselves as professional when they are actually not any better than other service providers.
  • Ask seniors about their preferences: Every senior must have used or at least investigated about the best dissertation writing and editing service providers for themselves. Talk to a number of seniors and take their suggestion because they have actually experienced it themselves. Make a list of all the firms and individuals they suggest to you and make sure they are not referring you to a friend’s or cousin’s business because that suggestion could be biased.
  • Check website for authenticity and reliability: Although not a very good measure, one way to check the reliability of a service provider is by checking the website thoroughly. A professionally built website may suggest that the owner has invested much and hence the services can be excellent. Thoroughly read the pages and try to find a client review section where you can read the feedback from consumers of these services. The feedback is valuable and gives some idea of the services.

One of these tips will never be enough to filter the best and reliable service provider. When I was searching for someone to write my dissertation for me, the process took quite a lot of time but was worth it.

Author bio: Ricky Arnold is the head of legal department in a multinational branding corporation. He studied law and holds immense experience in dissertation writing.

Stages Where PhD Students Require Help

Since the competition in labor market is increasing, more and more people are opting for a doctoral degree after their postgraduate program. Doctorate is now the second highest level of academia with post-doctorate being the highest one and hence one should expect a lot of hard work and sacrifices in order to obtain doctoral degree. For this reason, I often took help with several things from friends and firms regarding the dissertation but never asked someone to essay writing service for me completely.


Dissertation writing is not just a writing activity but involves an entire process of planning, researching, writing, citing and submitting. Each stage requires time and you may need help and guidance frequently as well. It does not matter whether you approach your supervisor, university professor, senior students or external individuals and firms for help but you should know the following stages where most students do require expert advice:

  • Planning the entire process: How will you go about the writing process? What approach will suit you the best for researching? This and many other questions will have to be answered when you are preparing a plan for the dissertation phase. Without expert opinions and experience, you will not be able to prepare and hence execute a good plan due to which the quality may get poor. Also, you may have to panic towards the deadline and you may not even be able to submit it on time.
  • Choosing the topic: While it is true that you must never choose a dissertation topic based on someone else’s preference or opinion, you should consult experts as to what is the best way to come up with a topic. At times, you may not realize that one topic is better than the other one but experienced individuals will bring up the points that will help you decide which of the topics will not create difficulties for you in future. Therefore, visit the experts before choosing a topic then come up with two or three topics according to their instructions. Finally, take suggestion on which one is the best for dissertation.
  • Research methodologies and approaches: You will need to verify whether your topic requires more of qualitative or quantitative approach. Also, the experts can guide you well on how to take the entire research process along for the most efficient results. They can also suggest you with the most reliable sources of research whether you are conducting it over the internet or through books and journals in the library.
  • Proofreading is very important: Grammatical and vocabulary errors even in high school essays are not tolerated, let alone PhD level dissertation. Since there are several chapters and nearly hundred pages in a dissertation, proofreading all by yourself is not a wise option. You will need help from peers, seniors and experts to proofread all the content in your dissertation so that you can submit an error-free document to secure a good grade.
  • Final touches matter a lot: Prior to submission, many things have to finalized like the acknowledgments page, structure and order of chapters and so on. They can be done perfectly under the guidance of experts and while I never asked anyone to write my dissertation for me, I consulted the experts for final touches.

Author bio: Carol Benedict is a research associate of development economics firm. She obtained her PhD in development economics and has published several journals as well.

How to Complete Essay in a Short Time?

The entire academic life of a student is filled with time constraints whether he is in high school, college, graduate school or doctoral program. No matter how mature a student becomes, he will always have to panic when deadlines arrive because they are busy in other things throughout the semester. However, being too late in writing a PhD dissertation might not be a wise step because there is too much of workload and responsibilities at this stage of academia.

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The only time when I asked some people call Essay help was when the deadline was near and there was too much of work left. Otherwise, I always took complete responsibility of my dissertation. If you find yourself in such a situation, following are some steps that can help you complete your dissertation in a short period of time:

  • Learning how to skim: While you are expected to be an expert in skimming through the content by now due to the fact that it is required at each level of academia, you must learn immediately how to skim. There is a lot of research content available and hence it is not possible to read everything thoroughly when deadline is near. In such a scenario, the best way is to skim through content and filter the most relevant and important piece of information. This will save time and effort and make timely submission possible.

While skimming may seem to be a simple task, many students are unable to do it and hence it is strongly preferred that you must improve the skimming skills even before PhD program begins. However, without a decent skimming skill, you are unlikely to reach such a high level of academia anyway!

  • Seek external help: You must always try to approach various people who can help you with timely completion of dissertation in any way. Your supervisor can provide you with some secret tips, seniors can make you aware of some useful hacks while I also asked external agencies and providers of dissertation services to do my dissertation. This actually saved a lot of time and you may not be able to complete a good quality dissertation prior to submission deadline without external help.
  • Adopt efficient research approaches: First of all, identify which method of research is the most convenient for you. If you are more active during the night, sleep during the day and undertake your research at night. Keep constant use of coffee so that your efficiency is not affected by your drowsiness. Similarly, filter out useless and irrelevant websites if your research is online based. This can be done using sources like Google scholar that will only show academic articles and journals in the search results.
  • Sacrifice some day to day activities: If you wish to complete the dissertation on time, you will have to allocate most your time to dissertation writing. This may even require you to give up a few activities that you do every day but the sacrifice will be worth it because you will complete the dissertation on time and all your hard work will pay off.

These tips can help you complete your dissertation in a shorter time than usual but you should always seek advice from seniors as well.

Author bio: Reinee Fletcher is the senior student consultant at a doctoral university. She holds a PhD in clinical psychology and has been conducting counseling sessions since many years.

Essay Online Research Tips

There are a number of things that people wish they would have known before beginning work so that the outcome would have been better. In case of Essay help UK, it is always recommended to keep asking questions from the seniors and experts who have gone through this experience. This is because they can provide you with some very useful tips regarding different aspects of dissertation writing that will help you throughout the process. However, the most essential part of dissertation writing is research.

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During my PhD, even if I asked someone to do my dissertation, I always conducted the research by myself to learn. Learning is the main aim of dissertation and that is done through thorough research. One of the popular ways of researching for dissertation content is web and following are some tips for online research:

  • Reliability of content and authenticity of websites: The greatest issue you face via online research is the fact that there will be a lot of contradicting content because apparently not everything on the internet is true. Hence, the responsibility of verifying the authenticity of websites lies upon the student. To help a bit, go for websites owned by the state departments, educational institutes, NGOs, news reports and independent organization’s websites since they are unlikely to use false information on their webpages. You can also accept website suggestions from experts and seniors.
  • Filtering useless results out: The search engine may reveal several links that are not useful at all including some forums or informal discussion threads. Filtering them out can save you a lot of work and time because such links rarely consist of reliable information. But how to do that? Google, for example, has a separate source known as Google Scholar where only academic links are shown as search results. Use these to save time and find the most relevant and authentic information without putting in much efforts.
  • Collecting info and comparing: After collecting sufficient information from several sources, compare all together to check if there are contradictions. If you have used authentic sources, this is highly unlikely but errors are always possible. Check what information is agreed upon by the majority and rule out what minority states. This comparison can be time consuming but will eliminate any possibility of conflicts within your dissertation which a strictly negative point.
  • Ignoring webpages that are not optimized: Search engine optimization is a regular process and requires constant investment. The aim of several authentic websites is to provide as much accurate information as possible so they do not spend on their optimization. As a result they are forced several pages back due to the fact that other webpages are being optimized in the meanwhile. So in order to collect information, you must always go to previous pages because you might find something extremely useful and relevant.
  • Opinions are not to be used: The opinions of experts, no matter how much they are supported by evidences, facts and figures are not to be included in the dissertation. You will come across a lot of these while researching online and so keep in mind to ignore them no matter how authentic the information may sound.

These tips for online research can help you find information efficiently than before.

Author bio: Laura Bryan pursued her PhD in sustainable development and economics. She thoroughly studied the rural-urban transition and is an expert development consultant.

Tips for Topic Selection

Writing a blog or an article is not that difficult as compared to the selection of the topics. Many people usually get stuck when it comes to the topic selection as they either do not have any idea or they have lots of things in their mind. Topic selection is a very important task that is actually the base of the entire content to be written or published. Choosing the right topic means your work is half done here.


This article will be highlighting the tips of selecting a particular topic which will be helpful for you to write any content. Almost every single uk essays uses these tips for their topic selection. Here are the tips:

  • Carry out a research: research part is very essential in writing. Whatever you are writing must be totally research based even the topic you select for writing must be a research based topic. In this research find out about what is going on and which topics are best for writing currently. Find out what response writers get for a particular topic and then come up with your final topic. In this part you can also conduct direct interview, interact with people, check out the samples, take help from other or whatever you want to do you can do in research to get more information.
  • Go for the trend based topic: writing on the trendy topics is the key to a good write. Always remember that people love to read about what’s going on especially the trend and the gossips around the world. Catch some hot or attractive topic and make your title eye catching so that people develops interest in the article. Writing service UK always work on amazing trendy topics that’s why their work is more than amazing. Anything that is old even one week old, don’t discuss it just find out something new that people might want to know.
  • Think about the readers: you are writing for the readers so you have to think about them and like a reader. Thinking about them means to think that what will be interesting and exciting for them, what they want to read and what are they looking for in a writing section. Once you will feel like a reader you will enjoy writing it and will also be able to come up with a topic that will be loved by the readers.
  • Choose the topic for the readers: while choosing a topic you have to be unbiased. You do not have to think about what you like or what you don’t. As a writer your task is to write about any topic that a reader wants to read. Always go for a topic that can make people happy, crazy, attracted or interested then only your blog or article will be considered as a good write. A reader can judge the entire article by its topic, so make your topic attractive in such a way that the readers start willing to read the whole thing after reading out the topic.

Author Bio: Kevin J. Richard is a young and enthusiastic freelance writer running his own online blogs that are famous worldwide. He is currently living in The United States of America.

Life Lessons Students Learn in College

The experiences you have during college life remains with you forever and hence this is why people claim college to be the most important and valuable period of one’s life. There are a number of things you come across during the three or four years of college and these things tend to prepare you for the real world. From minor frauds to major good incidents that happen teach you something that you realize later on in life.

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Whenever you go through something at college, do not ignore the incident but try to figure out what have you gained from it. From every bad incident, you do learn something beneficial that helps in one way or another in life. Following are some life lessons that you are likely to learn while at college:

  • You have to speak for yourself: Your parents or siblings may support you in even minor things when you are young but as you reach college, you will have to speak for yourself. You will come across a number of situations when you will be at extreme disadvantage if you do not speak and will have to suffer as a result. Eventually, you get better at speaking for yourself and deciding what is wrong or right for you.
  • How valuable is time management: With the passage of time, you will realize the importance of time management when you will have several things like class, assignments, projects, quizzes and job all together for a few days. Those days you will remain completely occupied and will have to pay a huge cost of wasting any time in the form of grade loss or pay deductions. This will teach you how important it is to manage time properly in professional life.
  • Everything is not supposed to be done by self: While students may believe that doing all the assignments and work by oneself without any help is highly productive and beneficial, this will turn out to be false as students go further in college. There will be stages when getting your essay done by providers of uk essays will get you a better grade than otherwise. Also, some courses can better be prepared if you study them with other people, combined study in other words. This is because each person can come up with a problem and everyone can learn something new.
  • Surviving with a budget constraint: While you should always aim for high monetary returns after graduating, college will teach you how to survive when you have a limited budget to spend on food and expenses. You will eventually learn how to control expenses and avoid extra vagrancy that will be beneficial in future life if in case you are required to live under strict budget constraints for some reason.
  • Social circle will always be necessary: The friends you make at college will probably remain with you for the rest of your lives and hence you should aim for as many genuine friends as possible. They will be there for you in your good and bad times at college and hence you will realize that you might have to face a lot of things alone without a good social circle.

Expert providers of essay services UK also emphasizes upon the fact that college does teach students some life lessons.

Author bio: Ken Ron is a financial analyst and risk manager at a leather trading organization. With immense interest in stocks and bonds, Ken knows the tricks on yielding high returns from his investments.

How to Go About a Research Essay

At college, you will come across several instances when you will be required to write a research essay. Since the essays in further semesters are quite difficult, the providers of essay writing service suggests that you should know how to go about a research essay in your first semester only. There is usually a writing and composition course taught to college students in first year of college. The course basically aims to teach students the rules of various writings that will not only help them in professional life but also in further courses.

images (10).jpg

A research essay is one of the many types of essays you will come across at college. This, however, will be a relatively tough and time consuming one due to the fact that word count is greater and a lot of information has to be added. Following are some ways to go about when writing a research essay in your beginner’s writing course:

  • Leave no doubts about what a research essay is: Do not make assumptions because this is the stage when teachers will be willing to help even if you ask basic and ridiculous questions. It is important to spend some time understanding the research essay at this stage to avoid even more complex struggles in future. There are three ways to know the details about research essay and clarify confusions:
    1. Reading the course book.
    2. Searching for researching essay on internet.
    3. Approaching teachers and peers.
  • Choosing the topic is a crucial step: The topic you choose for your research essay can significantly affect the grade you get. Also, a wrong topic can make your research essay writing experience worse. There is usually complete freedom to choose a topic for research essay and so students tend to be confused among several topics. If the professors would specify a topic, the task would have been easier.

    Recognize your area of interest for example sports, console gaming, human rights, politics, fiction or science and then think of a specific, narrow topic for the research essay. Shortlist two or three topics and consult your instructor who will guide you on which one is the best one to write on. This would indicate that the instructor is interested in reading your topic and hence you can score well.

  • Research from as many reliable sources as possible: Once you finalize the topic, begin researching for the content to be added in the research essay. Researching should be the most time consuming activity in the process of entire essay writing because it takes a lot of time to search for reliable sources and relevant information. Use sources like the internet and books or journals from library to obtain useful data, information and evidences.
  • Prepare a rough draft: Never start writing the essay right away because it requires proper planning to produce a perfect piece. Make a rough draft and note down every point you believe is important to demonstrate your research efforts. The rough draft is for your own benefit and so it can be in any structure as long as you can understand. Providers of essay services UK strictly discourage students to write the research essay without making a rough draft because it can lead to frequent confusions.

Author bio: Emily Watson is the head of special projects at an advertising agency. She has worked with the creativity and strategy departments before and loves to travel.