How to Write an Essay Introduction

While it is a known fact that the entire PhD is a journey full of responsibilities and tasks, essay help uk is probably the most challenging one of all. According to many PhD holders, they had to face a lot of stress and panic while writing their dissertation due to the fact that a lot of research and work is required along with other activities of their life. However, experts claim that students can make this journey easier for themselves using some tips and tricks.


If not tips and tricks, students should be completely aware of how each chapter is done in a dissertation. To begin with, one of the most important and early chapters is the introduction where you not only introduce the dissertation topic but also include a number of important things. Following are some things to consider when writing a dissertation introduction:

  • The importance of introduction: First of all you must realize how important an introduction is in any piece of academic writing. From a short essay to lengthy dissertation and thesis, an introduction forms the basis of an entire paper and the readers make assumptions about dissertation through the introduction. If your introduction is well developed, the dissertation committee will be interested in reading the dissertation further otherwise it might point out a lot of negligible mistakes. So work on the introduction to make it look attractive.
  • Outlining important features of dissertation: An introduction should give a glimpse of your dissertation but should not reveal everything in detail. Keep the details for later chapters because you will have to prepare a lengthy dissertation. In introduction, however, try to remain as precise as possible because the dissertation committee is looking for some answers. If you try to make unnecessary elaborations or exaggeration in the introduction, it would give a negative image to the committee.
  • The questions you should answer: In a straightforward manner, try answering the questions the committee is looking for in the introduction chapter. What is the topic area? Why do you want to conduct research on it? Why is it important and how is it beneficial to anyone? What are your objectives with regard to the dissertation? What outcomes are expected? These are some very important questions that you will have to answer in an introduction chapter of your dissertation to clarify things to the committee. Again, just outline the main points and do not elaborate everything unnecessarily.
  • Introduction is not a job to be done in hurry: Very often, students tend to spend very less time on introduction. This is not the right thing to do because considering the importance of introduction, you must draft and redraft the introduction several times before finalizing it. Search for any lacks and flaws in the introduction and rectify them so that you submit a perfectly written introduction to the dissertation committee.
  • Avoid using complex vocabulary: The introduction is meant to develop a clear picture of the entire dissertation in committee’s mind so they must be able to understand whatever you write. Since there are many other dissertations that the committee will go through, you need to make the content as simple as possible for the committee to be able to read it easily.

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