Helpful Tips for Writing a Essay and Thesis

If you decided to pursue your PhD after postgraduate, this is one of the boldest decisions you have made in life. While postgraduate is not easy as well, PhD requires an exceptional kind of passion and dedication without which the program could turn out to be a nightmare for you especially when the essay help uk arrives. Throughout your academic life, it is suggested that you should seek advice, tips and tricks from experts and seniors in all matters because these make your life at school, college and university easier.


You come across thesis or dissertation at all levels of college from undergraduate till doctorate. However, the difficulty level obviously increases as your level goes up. For a PhD dissertation, it might be nearly impossible for you to survive without knowing some tips and secrets because the journey is very difficult. Regardless of the level of education, following are some helpful tips for your thesis or dissertation:

  • Start as early as possible: The most helpful tip one can give you regarding thesis and dissertation is to start as early as possible. There is no doubt on the fact that you are provided with sufficient time to complete the dissertation and this is what often makes student to procrastinate. Without wasting any time, start working on your dissertation from the basic steps like thinking about a topic or planning how to go about research and writing. Each day, set a goal for yourself to achieve and if you do this from the very first day the thesis is assigned, you will avoid the panic and stress that most students go through in further stages of dissertation writing.
  • Make a timetable for time management: You will value two things more than anything else as you begin your journey at college: time and money. Both seem to be very scarce and valuable so you have to manage time properly if you wish to experience a stress-free dissertation writing. Before beginning, make a timetable in which you allocate sufficient time to each task you do everyday.Make sure to be as realistic as possible because any allocation that is unrealistic can disturb the entire timetable.

    If you spend an hour at gym every day, do not reduce it to 45 minutes believing that you can work out faster than usual.Similarly, do not allocate too much of your time to dissertation because then you will have to eliminate some tasks from your timetable.

  • Visit your supervisor and other experts frequently: Deciding to do everything by yourself without even consulting your supervisor is the worse decision one can ever make for dissertation writing. Supervisor is there to help you with every major and minor problem you face in dissertation writing so you must visit him or her as frequently as possible. Also there are experts of dissertation and thesis willing to provide quality help and advice to students.

    It is not necessary that you visit your supervisor only when there is a problem. You can ask your supervisor to guide you on how to go about the research, help you with topic selection and simply to obtain some tips that could make your life easier.

So these helpful tips can make your dissertation or thesis writing experience a great one.


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