Escaping the Stress During PhD

Although students find one reason or another at several stages of their student life to get stressed out, PhD students will find several reasons at many points during their program. The advantage that PhD students have is that they have already dealt with so much of stress during their undergraduate and graduate programs because of which they do not feel demotivated anymore. Still, the tasks students perform gets affected if there is stress or pressure upon them and they will call essay help uk for retain the efficiency that would otherwise have been present.


For this reason, it becomes necessary to escape the stress by using some strategies that you may or may not be aware of. Regardless of whether can someone do my dissertation or not, I always used a combination of strategies to fight stress because it was nearly impossible for me to work under stress and worry. Following are some of the efficient strategies to overcome stress during your PhD:

  • Use spare time wisely: It is well understood that you, as a PhD student, getvery less time to spare but when you do, make sure that you spend it wisely. Spend that time performing tasks you enjoy doing and that is not related to academics or research. I used to listen to good music because music is proven to be the best cure for stress. You can also spend this time playing an outdoor sport you like playing, reading a short story, playing gaming console or watching a match live in stadium. If the time is a bit longer, you can consider going for a trip as well. Whatever you do, make sure you throw the stress out of mind and if you cannot, there is something better that you can and should do.
  • Think of a solution: Panic and stress is not the solution to any of your problems that you are currently facing. This is the time when you need to plan on how to tackle each problem wisely. Firstly, analyze the reasons properly that are causing stress for you and then think of a solution for each one. Discuss your problems with close friends who might provide you with excellent advice but if the problems are too personal, there could be no better person that the counselor to talk to. Counselors keep everything confidential and provides the best pieces of advice for all types of problems that are causing stress.

    You can also consult a professor or psychological counselor who are expert in this field of managing stress.

  • Seek help and guidance for dissertation: If you plan to do everything in the dissertation by yourself, it is not a wise decision or something to be proud of. Every professional, at some point in life, obtained help from others which is necessary to become successful. Dissertation is not like your regular high school argumentative essay because it requires hundred times more dedication and hard work. Therefore, the best way to eliminate stress related to dissertation writing is by frequently approaching the supervisor, peers and external agents for help. They will provide you with necessary pieces of advice and precautions to take. I used to think that can someone do my dissertation or not since everyone was busy and had workload just like I had.

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