Sources of Happiness at College

A happy life is a blessing. Even if you have everything you wanted in life but are not happy for some reasons, you will not feel good so it is important to look for sources of happiness. The entire human race aside, this is specifically targeted to college students who are going through a plethora of experiences and learning new things in life. Being in the most important stage of their lives, college students have too much to worry about due to which they are usually stressed out and worried.


This is why finding sources of happiness and carrying out activities that makes you feel happy and satisfied is important. I never asked anyone for essay help UK because writing is my passion and I love writing: it makes me happy! Similarly, following are some ways through which you can feel happy at college:

  • Make friends from different courses and student-run societies: Having no friends at all is the worse feeling one can ever have. Friends are the main source of happiness at college and so you should make a lot of friends with whom you can spend good time. In this attempt, some students end up making a lot of friends who they just know but cannot hang out with. This should not be the case and therefore you are advised to get involved in a group of friends properly before moving on to others. Alternatively, you can give equal time to a maximum of two groups at one time.
  • Varieties of food: When you talk about happiness, college students usually imagine about food because apparently, food is linked to happiness! At college, there are numerous dining options available especially if you are living in a hostel. From simple food of college cafeteria to various food streets and franchises, you can enjoy a great variety of food every few days. Whenever you feel sad or depressed, make a plan with your friends to a good dining place and have your favorite meal. You will surely get that smile on your face after eating it!
  • Social work or service to the community: Spending your time in social work will provide you with the satisfaction that you might never have experienced. Serving the underprivileged, disabled and needy people of society is a task that provides students with immense happiness when they realize the good they are doing. There are numerous NGOs and organizations who provides volunteering opportunities to students so that they do not face any difficulty in finding the right opportunities. So step forward and look for community service opportunities to get that satisfaction and happiness.
  • Keep talking to old friends and family frequently: For students who went abroad for college, you will feel happy by talking to the old friends you made and spent time with in high school or before. Spend some time video chatting with them so you get to see each other and it feels like the other person is sitting in front of you. Also, some students feel happy when they talk to their mother and see her smiling. So keep talking to them frequently which might give you happiness.

I often felt happy by not doing my assignments so I asked others to write my essay for me!

Author bio: Andrew Showlin is a budget analyst at a shoe manufacturing company. Andrew studied cost accounting and political science as a minor.


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